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The Talks Programme forms part of the Stellenbosch Triennale and engages the diversity of South Africa, the continent and global art sector through short, panel discussions, talk about and seminars.  The Woodmill Lifestyle Centre plays host to the Talks’ series under the curatorship of Mike Tigere Mavura Silas Miami.

By extending the conversation with professionals in other fields, the Talks Programme brings together interesting and exciting insight into the topics underlined by the Triennale.

Taking on the theme of the Triennale, ‘Tomorrow There Will Be More Of Us’, the creative dialogues centre imagination as a revolutionary act and invites cultural producers from multiple locations and forms of ‘knowledges’ to speak and engage from their fields of expertise with threads from the core theme in vibrant talks, panels, seminars, enactments and workshops. The creative dialogues forum brings together an exciting mix of artists, curators, creatives, academics, designers, advertisers and thought leaders to engage with audiences is discussions that probe us to ask different questions in relation to the making, un-making and re-making of Africa and our collective futures.


Creative Dialogues will take place over two sessions at the Woodmill in Stellenbosch.

  • Session one: 13-15  February
  • Session two: 17-18 April