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The recently opened Stellenbosch Triennale 2020 attracted wide local and international interest ranging from Harvard’s Homi Bhabha to US Ambassador Lana Marks visiting the various exhibitions across town.

Early praise came by way of Rebecca Anne Proctor, former Harper’s Bazaar Art Editor-in-chief who opined: ‘I was really impressed by what I saw, pulling together such an all-star line-up including the likes of Bronwyn Katz, Nastio Mosquito, Stacy Gillian Abe and Victor Ehikhamenor is quite an achievement’.

Procter goes on to point out that the Triennale definitely makes a bold statement for its first edition, introducing Stellenbosch onto the scene as a setting where outdoor sculpture can be appreciated – within the beautiful landscape of South Africa.

‘The different perspectives from all over Africa makes this event special, talking to issues pertaining to joint colonial history, as it plays out in different forms from politics, to gender violence, xenophobia scarce resources and transformation’.  She concludes by remarking ‘ The quality of the art and how it’s displayed across various locations adds another layer to the uniqueness of the Triennale’.

US Ambassador Lana Marks talking to Helen Nabukenya.

The inaugural Stellenbosch Triennale 2020 takes place 11 February – 30 April in various locations across Stellenbosch. The event brings together the finest contemporary art from Africa for the world.

Homi Bhabha from Harvard University and Triennale Curator Bernard Akoi-Jackson.

Click here to download the programme and map for this unique event.